Category A SHS Schools in Ghana – Complete List

Category A SHS Schools in Ghana - Complete List

In Ghana, education is highly valued, and the government has taken significant steps to ensure quality education is accessible to all. One of the initiatives undertaken is the categorization of schools to streamline resources and improve standards. Category A schools are recognized for their excellence in academics, infrastructure, and overall performance.

In this article, we’ll delve into the complete list of Category A schools in Ghana, highlighting their significance in the country’s educational landscape.

Understanding Category A Schools

Category A schools in Ghana are institutions that have been identified and designated by the Ghana Education Service (GES) as top-tier educational establishments. These schools consistently demonstrate exceptional academic performance, provide quality infrastructure, and offer a conducive learning environment for students.

Complete List of Category A Schools in Ghana

No.RegionSchool Name
1AHAFOOLA Girls Senior High, Kenyasi
2AHAFOSerwaa Kesse Girls Senior High
3ASHANTISt. Louis Senior High, Kumasi
4ASHANTIKumasi High School
5ASHANTIOpoku Ware School
6ASHANTIPrempeh College
7ASHANTIT. I. Ahmadiyya Senior High, Kumasi
8ASHANTIYaa Asantewaa Girls Senior High
9BONOBerekum Presby Senior High
10BONOOur Lady of Providence Senior High
11BONOSt. James Sem & Senior High, Abesim
12BONOSunyani Senior High
13BONONotre Dame Girls Senior High, Sunyani
14CENTRALAdisadel College
15CENTRALHoly Child School, Cape Coast
16CENTRALMfantsipim School
17CENTRALSt. Augustine’s College, Cape Coast
18CENTRALWesley Girls Senior High, Cape Coast
19CENTRALMfantsiman Girls Senior High
20EASTERNOkuapeman Senior High
21EASTERNAburi Girls Senior High
22EASTERNSt. Rose’s Senior High, Akwatia
23EASTERNOfori Panin Senior High
24EASTERNSt. Peter’s Senior High, Nkwatia
25EASTERNKrobo Girls Senior High
26EASTERNGhana Senior High, Koforidua
27EASTERNKoforidua Senior High/Tech
28EASTERNPope John Snr. High & Min. Sem., Koforidua
29G. ACCRAAccra Academy
30G. ACCRAAccra Girls Senior High
31G. ACCRAAchimota Senior High
32G. ACCRASt. Mary’s Senior High, Korle Gonno
33G. ACCRASt. Thomas Aquinas Senior High, Cantoments
34G. ACCRAPresby Boys Senior High, Legon
35G. ACCRATema Senior High
36NORTHERNTamale Senior High
37NORTHERNSt. Charles Senior High, Tamale
38NORTHERNGhana Senior High, Tamale
39U. EASTBolga Girls Senior High
40U. EASTNavrongo Senior High
41U. EASTNotre Dame Sem/ Senior High, Navrongo
42U. EASTBolgatanga Senior High
43U. WESTSt. Francis Girls Senior High, Jirapa
44U. WESTLawra Senior High
45U. WESTNandom Senior High
46VOLTAMawuli School, Ho
47VOLTAOLA Girls Senior High, Ho
48VOLTABishop Herman College
49WESTERNArchbishop Porter Girls Snr.High
50WESTERNGhana Senior High/Tech
51WESTERNSekondi College
52WESTERNSt. John’s Senior High, Sekondi
53WESTERNFijai Senior High
54AshantiKumasi Tech. Inst.
55Bono EastNkoranza Tech Inst.
56CentralCape Coast Tech. Inst.
57CentralAsuansi Tech. Inst.
58EasternKoforidua Tech. Inst.
59EasternAkwatia Tech. Inst.
60EasternSt. Paul’s Tech. Inst.
61Gt. AccraAccra Tech. Trg. Centre
62Gt. AccraTema Tech. Inst.
63Gt. AccraAda Tech. Inst.
64NorthernDabokpa Voc/Tech. Inst.
65Upper EastBawku Tech. Inst.
66Upper EastBolga Tech. Inst.
67Upper WestWa Tech. Inst.
68VoltaAnlo Tech. Inst.
69VoltaKpando Tech. Inst.
70WesternTakoradi Tech. Inst.
71WesternKikam Tech. Inst.


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