How to buy 2024 University of Ghana admission form via MoMo

How to buy 2024 University of Ghana admission form via MoMo

Are you eager to take the first step toward your academic journey at the esteemed University of Ghana? With the convenience of modern technology, purchasing the admission form has never been easier.

In this guide, we will walk you through the simple process of buying the 2024 University of Ghana admission form using Mobile Money (MoMo).

How to buy 2024 University of Ghana admission form via MoMo

Why MoMo?

MoMo is a widely used and secure mobile payment platform in Ghana. Using MoMo eliminates the need to visit the bank or carry cash, making the application process smoother and faster.

What You’ll Need:

  • Registered MoMo Phone Number: Ensure your MoMo account is active and has enough funds to cover the admission form cost.
  • Access to Your Phone: You’ll be using the MoMo service on your phone to initiate the transaction.

Steps to Buy the UG Admission Form with MoMo:

This guide details the steps specifically for Ghanaian (diploma/HND to degree, undergraduate & postgraduate) applicants to purchase the University of Ghana (UG) application e-voucher using Mobile Money (MoMo).

Here’s how to buy your e-voucher in 4 easy steps:

  1. Dial *887*9#: Initiate the process by entering this USSD code on your phone. This code works on all mobile networks in Ghana.
  2. Enter UG: Once prompted, type “UG” to confirm you’re applying to the University of Ghana.
  3. Authorize Payment: Follow the prompts on your phone to authorize the MoMo payment for the e-voucher. Ensure you have sufficient funds in your MoMo account to cover the cost.
  4. Receive E-Voucher via SMS: Upon successful payment, you’ll receive an SMS containing your application e-voucher details, including the University of Ghana, Serial Number, and PIN.

Didn’t Receive the SMS? No Worries!

If you don’t receive the e-voucher details via SMS after completing the payment, here’s how to retrieve it:

  1. Dial *887*9# Again: Use the same USSD code you used earlier.
  2. Select “Yes”: A prompt might ask if you want to retrieve an e-voucher. Select “Yes” to proceed.
  3. Select “Retrieve E-Voucher”: Choose this option to retrieve the details of your application e-voucher.
  4. View E-Voucher Details: The system will display the University of Ghana, Serial Number, and PIN associated with your e-voucher.

For Support:

If you encounter any difficulties during the process, you can contact the University of Ghana admissions office for assistance. Their contact numbers are: 0540134442/1.

Important Note:

This information applies specifically to Ghanaian applicants (diploma/HND to degree, undergraduate & postgraduate). If you’re a Ghanaian undergraduate applying from abroad, the application process might differ. Refer to the UG admissions website for specific instructions for international applicants.

Disclaimer: This blog article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered official advice from UG. Please refer to the official UG website and resources for accurate and up-to-date information.


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