Does UG Legon Accept D7 in WASSCE Results? Cut off points

Does UG Legon Accept D7 in WASSCE Results? Cut off points

The University of Ghana, Legon (UG Legon) is a Ghanaian powerhouse of education, attracting ambitious students from across the country. As you navigate the path to higher learning, a crucial question arises: can you gain admission to UG Legon with a D7 in your WASSCE results?

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Does UG Legon Accept D7 in WASSCE Results? Cut off points

Here’s a breakdown to help you understand your chances:

Cracking the Code: UG Legon’s WASSCE Requirements

UG Legon maintains high academic standards. Their entry requirements are stricter than the minimum WASSCE pass levels set by WAEC. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Core Subjects: UG Legon demands a minimum of C6 (credit pass) in all three compulsory WASSCE subjects – English Language, Mathematics (Core), and Integrated Science/Social Studies.

A D7 in any core subject falls below this threshold and would not qualify you for admission to UG Legon degree programs.

Cut-off Points: The Elusive Benchmark

While UG Legon doesn’t publish specific cut-off points, achieving minimum requirements isn’t a guarantee of admission. The university considers several factors, including:

  • Program Competitiveness: Some programs at UG Legon are highly sought-after, leading to fiercer competition. Even with all C6s, you might not be selected depending on the applicant pool.
  • Overall WASSCE Performance: Aiming for strong grades across all subjects demonstrates your academic ability. A well-rounded performance can strengthen your application.

Beyond the D7: Exploring Your Options

If you have a D7 in your WASSCE results, here are some alternative paths to consider:

  • Retake the WASSCE: If you believe you can improve your grades, consider retaking the exams through the National Examinations Council’s (NOVDEC) November private WASSCE.
  • Explore Other Universities: Many other Ghanaian universities offer excellent programs. Research institutions aligned with your interests and check their specific WASSCE requirements. Some might be more flexible with a D7.
  • Pre-University Programs: Consider enrolling in a pre-university program designed to prepare students for university entrance exams. This can strengthen your academic foundation and improve your chances of gaining admission later.

Remember: A D7 doesn’t define your potential.

  • Focus on Your Strengths: Highlight your achievements in other subjects or areas like extracurricular activities or relevant work experience.
  • Stay Motivated: Explore alternative pathways, keep learning, and aim for improvement. With dedication and a strategic approach, you can still achieve your academic goals.

The Final Word:

While UG Legon prioritizes strong academic performance, don’t be discouraged. Research other options, focus on your strengths, and explore ways to strengthen your application. With hard work and perseverance, you can still pursue your educational aspirations.

Disclaimer: This blog article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered official advice from UG. Please refer to the official UG Website and resources for accurate and up-to-date information.


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