How To Send WAEC Scratch Card To A University Abroad (US, UK, Canada)

How To Send WAEC Scratch Card To A University Abroad (US, UK, Canada)

Most universities in the US, UK, and Canada require international students to submit their West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) results as part of their application. To verify your results electronically, some universities request the WAEC scratch card. However, sending a physical scratch card abroad can be inconvenient and potentially risky.

Here are some alternative methods to consider:

1. Request Electronic Verification:

  • Check the university’s website: Many universities offer online portals where applicants can request WAEC to send their results electronically. Look for instructions on the “International Admissions” or “Verification of Credentials” sections of the university website.
  • Contact the admissions office: If you can’t find information online, contact the university’s admissions office directly. They can advise you on the preferred method for submitting your WAEC results and whether they accept electronic verification directly from WAEC.

2. Use an Electronic Verification Service:

  • WAEC e-Verification Service: WAEC offers an electronic verification service for a fee. You can request WAEC to send your results electronically to designated institutions, including universities, upon your request.
  • Third-party verification services: Several third-party organizations specialize in verifying international academic credentials. These services may involve processing your WAEC scratch card and electronically transmitting your results to universities on your behalf.

Important Considerations:

  • Cost: Each method mentioned above may have associated fees. Compare costs before choosing an option.
  • Processing Time: Allow sufficient time for verification, regardless of the method chosen.
  • University Requirements: Always follow the specific instructions provided by the university you are applying to. They may have specific requirements for submitting your WAEC results that supersede general recommendations.

Alternatives to Sending the Scratch Card:

  • Official Transcript: Some universities might accept an official transcript from your secondary school that includes your WAEC results as long as it’s properly certified and translated (if necessary).
  • WAEC Statement of Results: You can also request a WAEC Statement of Results which is a certified document showcasing your scores. However, not all universities might accept this in lieu of the scratch card.

Disclaimer: This blog article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered official advice from WAEC. Please refer to the official WAEC website and resources for accurate and up-to-date information.


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