How to withdraw NSS allowance using E-zwich Card

How to withdraw NSS allowance using E-zwich Card

As a National Service Person in Ghana, your monthly allowance is a crucial source of financial support. Thankfully, the NSS has partnered with the e-zwich system for a convenient and secure way to access your funds.

How to withdraw NSS allowance using E-zwich Card

Here’s a comprehensive guide on withdrawing your NSS allowance using your e-zwich card:

Before You Begin:

  • Active e-zwich card: Ensure you have an active e-zwich card. If you haven’t received one yet, contact your NSS regional office for assistance.
  • Allowance credited: Verify that your NSS allowance has been credited to your account. You can check this by visiting any bank or GhIPSS Agents or by contacting your NSS regional office.

Withdrawing Your Allowance:

  1. Locate an e-zwich enabled ATM or POS terminal: Look for ATMs or Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals displaying the e-zwich logo. These are widely available at banks, Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems Limited (GhIPSS) agents, and many retail outlets across the country.
  2. Insert your e-zwich card: When ready, carefully insert your e-zwich card into the designated slot of the ATM or POS terminal.
  3. Select “Withdrawal” option: On the ATM or POS screen, navigate to the “Withdrawal” option.
  4. Enter your PIN: A secure PIN screen will appear. Enter your unique 4-digit PIN that you created during e-zwich card registration. Important: Always shield your PIN while entering it to avoid unauthorized access.
  5. Enter withdrawal amount: Specify the amount of allowance you wish to withdraw. Be aware of any minimum withdrawal limits set by the ATM or POS operator.
  6. Confirm transaction: Double-check the withdrawal amount on the screen. If everything looks accurate, confirm the transaction.
  7. Collect your cash and receipt: The ATM or POS will dispense your cash and provide a receipt for your records. Remember: Safely secure your cash and receipt after the transaction.

Additional Tips:

  • Daily withdrawal limits: Be mindful of any daily withdrawal limits imposed by your bank or the e-zwich system.
  • Transaction fees: There might be minimal transaction fees associated with using ATMs or POS terminals. These fees can vary depending on the operator.
  • Security: Never share your PIN with anyone and always report any suspicious activity concerning your e-zwich card to your bank or GhIPSS immediately.

Disclaimer: This blog article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered official advice from NSS. Please refer to the official NSS website and resources for accurate and up-to-date information.


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