Top 10 Universities in Africa 2024

Top 10 Universities in Africa 2024

Africa boasts a rich educational landscape, and for students seeking a world-class education on the continent, the Times Higher Education (THE) university rankings offer valuable guidance.

Top 10 Universities in Africa 2024

Here’s a breakdown of the top 10 African universities according to the THE 2024 rankings:

This table combines World University Rankings for 2024 and 2023 for the provided African universities:

Africa Rank 2024World University Rank 2024World University Rank 2023UniversityCountry
1 (tie)167160University of Cape TownSouth Africa
1 (tie)301–350251–300Stellenbosch UniversitySouth Africa
2 (tie)301–350251–300University of the WitwatersrandSouth Africa
4401–500601–800University of JohannesburgSouth Africa
5 (tie)501–600401–500University of KwaZulu-NatalSouth Africa
5 (tie)501–600University of PretoriaSouth Africa
7 (tie)601–800351–400University of Cape CoastGhana
7 (tie)601–800Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST)Egypt
7 (tie)601–800601–800North-West UniversitySouth Africa
7 (tie)601–800601–800University of the Western CapeSouth Africa
Top Ranked African Universities in 2024 according Times Higher Education

THE’s Methodology: A Well-Rounded Picture

The Times Higher Education rankings rely on a robust methodology (WUR 3.0) that goes beyond just research output. They consider 18 key performance indicators across five crucial areas:

  • Teaching: How well does the university educate its students?
  • Research Environment: Does the institution foster a stimulating atmosphere for research?
  • Research Quality: Is the university producing high-impact research?
  • Industry Income: How well does the university collaborate with the industry?
  • International Outlook: Is the university engaged with the global academic community?

This multifaceted approach ensures that the ranking reflects a university’s overall excellence, making it a valuable resource for prospective students.


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